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With more than 40 years of Professional experience, Mississippi DJ Services knows weddings. Start with our Wedding Reception Package, and then customize it with Options to make it the perfect fit for you, or choose the Great Wedding Package for an even better value, or the Grand Wedding SPECIAL Package for the ultimate in service and savings.

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Bright Idea! Plus get Mississippi DJ Services' exclusive "Pastor in a Pinch Insurance". If your wedding officiant doesn't make it, Brother Paul is also an Ordained Christian Minister and can step in to perform the ceremony in Mississippi.


Wedding Reception Package
Great Music for your Wedding Reception! Our Wedding Reception Package includes our Great Sound system and Great Music, for up to 2 hours*, with up to 2 Wireless Handheld Microphones available to you for introductions or toasts, plus DJ, setup, and break down. More hours can be added, as well as additional Options.

Great Wedding Package
Great Music and Great Sound, for up to 4 hours*, PLUS 2 Options* of your choice! (up to $350 Savings) Select Great Lighting and Great Video Projection, or maybe Uplighting and Dance Beat Lighting, etc..., your choice. Choose ANY 2 from... Great Lighting, Dance Beat Lighting, Great Video Projection, Uplighting, Highlighting, Simple Dance Lighting, Wish'em Well Video Station, Imaging Station, Wedding Trivia, Karaoke Setup, Stage Lighting, VIP Stage, Pipe and Drape Background, or Wedding Ceremony Sound.

Grand Wedding SPECIAL Package
Great Music and Great Sound, for up to 6 hours*, PLUS 3 Options* of your choice!! (up to $650 Savings) Select Great Lighting, Great Video Projection, and Uplighting, or maybe Dance Beat Lighting, Imaging Station, and Karaoke, or maybe Wedding Ceremony Sound, Wedding Trivia, and Great Video Projection. Any combination... your choice. Choose ANY 3 from... Great Lighting, Dance Beat Lighting, Great Video Projection, Uplighting, Highlighting, Simple Dance Lighting, Wish'em Well Video Station, Imaging Station, Wedding Trivia, Karaoke Setup, Stage Lighting, VIP Stage, Pipe and Drape Background, or Wedding Ceremony Sound. You can even add more Options if you want!


Want our Lighting, Uplighting, or more but
already have your own DJ or Band?

No DJ/Music Package
Choose options below without having DJ/Music service or sound system
provided by Mississippi DJ Services.


*More hours and Options can be added to any package.
Special Options are in addition to Great and Grand Wedding packages.

Great Lighting Option
Great Lighting!

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Our large, Fully Controlled, Great Lighting system provides
a "Light Show" for the dancing area, including that all important First Dance.
A romantic and classy look for the first dances, plus an impressive, kicked up atmosphere for dancing time.
Strobes   Rovers   Blacklights

Dance Beat Lighting Option

Dance Beat Lighting

Lighting led by the Beat of the Music that fits nearly any size venue/space. Dance Beat Lighting features Colors, Derby, Strobe, and Laser to bring that dancing beat alive,
plus Starball for that all important First Dance as well.

Colors   Derby   Strobes      
Great Video Projection Option

Great Video ProjectionGiant Designer Portable Screen Great Video Projection

Large Video System Setup. Want a dramatic and personalized look at your reception? A host of things are projected onto our Giant Designer Portable Screen, including a very Special Wedding Graphic/Character Loop with your names and wedding date welcoming guests to your reception, a Live Professional Video Camera allowing your guests to see things like introductions, cake cuttings, toasts, and more. During the dancing time, we even have Music Videos of some songs played, and Family Friendly Shadow Dancers on some songs without music videos. (guests also love seeing themselves on screen dancing) Need to show your special video dvd at the reception? Just bring it and we can show that, too.

Bright Idea! Want to show your own special pictures during the reception, use our Great Video Projection option instead of renting equipment separately.
Uplighting Option


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A very popular and beautiful trend in weddings. Colored up-lighting sprinkled around the room walls, including special pinspots on the Bride's Cake if in a reception setting. (Can be used for Ceremony or Reception, either one.) Uplighting makes a beautiful room even more so, and elegant as well. This is separate from the Great Lighting and Dance Lighting options for the dance floor, but when combined together, you get a total atmosphere that simply can't be beat!

Bright Idea! Combine our Uplighting Option and our Highlighting Option down below to have the look you see in Bridal Magazines! It takes guests' breath away!!
Highlighting Option

Highlighting Highlighting

To complete that Bridal Magazine look. Highlighting uses lights, primarily Pinspot type lights, to shine on or "highlight" table centerpieces at the reception, making them sparkle. When combined with Uplighting, that's how you get the full Bridal Magazine look. (Count the number of centerpieces being used on tables at your reception, include other reception flower arrangements also if you would like, and that is the number to enter when doing your Instant Price Quote!)
Simple Dance Lighting Option
Simple Dance Lighting

Simply Colorful dance floor lighting.
LED lights create multiple changing colors for a fun dancing time. (Starball for the First Dance as well.)
Wish'em Well Video Station Option

Wish'em Well Video Station Option

Similar to a Video Booth. Guests can record a video message of Congratulations, Well Wishes, or even Advice for the Bride and Groom. The Bride and Groom then receive all of the video messages to keep for a lasting memory. "A precious keepsake!"
Imaging Station Option

Imaging Station

Similar to a Photo Booth. Our Imaging Station can take 1-4 images and combine them into a single collage image that your guests receive by email. They can then print or post the image to their social networking sites. The collage image also contains your name and wedding date, making it a very special memory favor of your wedding for your guests. Props/Accessories are available as well to make it that much more fun for you and your guests!  (Make sure and select Props/Accessories when doing your Instant Price Quote.)
Wedding Trivia Option

Wedding TriviaWedding TriviaWedding Trivia

Click Here to see Wedding Trivia at a wedding

Trivia can be customized to your wedding! Imagine guests seeing Trivia on screen while waiting on the Bride and Groom to get to the reception. Instead of just having to wait, they are entertained learning things about the bride and groom, as well as about weddings in general. Yes, if desired, Wedding Trivia questions can include information you provide about the bride and groom, their love story, and/or wedding. Guests love it! Their eyes are glued to the screen!!

Click Here to see Wedding Trivia at a wedding
Karaoke Setup Option

Karaoke Setup

Add the excitement of Karaoke to your Reception.
Complete with Karaoke system, microphones, screen, and hundreds of song possibilities. (Great entertainment for everyone!) Choose songs to sing from our book at the reception itself, or in advance with your smartphone/pad using our own interactive online system at ksignup.com.

Bright Idea! Want to entertain, or be entertained?  Use our VIP Stage option and Stage Lighting option to make Karaoke stand out and be seen.
Stage Lighting Option

VIP Stage Lighting

Extra lighting to light up a stage or special area. Be Seen! Includes both lights on the stage and background lights as needed as well. Anytime extra light is needed on that special area. Great indoors & outdoors after sundown.

Spotlight (Followspot) also optionally available.
(Just check Spotlight when doing your Instant Price Quote.)
VIP Stage Option

VIP Stage Setup Examples

Stand above the crowd with our VIP Stage. Our carpet covered stage is 16 inches high and can be configured in different ways by arranging the 4'x4' platforms to fit your particular needs or space. Great for speakers, toasts, karaoke singers, and more. (Not large/deep enough for a head table, though.) The stage can be sized up from 4'x4' to 4'x12', or offset with a 4'x4' section attached to a larger 4'x8' section. Includes black skirting and step. Inside or outside at night, use our Stage Lighting option up above to light things up!
Pipe and Drape Background Option

Pipe and Drape Background

White Pipe and Drape Background - Up to 32 Feet in length. When you need a background behind a head table, the ceremony, the back of a stage, or as a nice backdrop in some other location, our Pipe and Drape Background can span up to 32 feet at a height of just under 8 feet tall, making it fit under nearly any height ceiling. The premium drape material is thicker than most commonly scene translucent pipe and drape material. (White Only. Spanning your needed width up to 32' in length. Alternatively use as 2 separate spans, up to 16' each, giving you 2 shorter walls in 2 separate places.)
Wedding Ceremony Sound Option

Sound System/Music for the Wedding Ceremony also, including our Great Sound system, up to 3 Wireless Handheld Microphones for singers/preacher, CD player if needed, Prelude/Ceremony Music if needed, and sound operator.
(Rehearsal Not Included, and not required.  If desired, choose
Wedding Rehearsal Sound Special Option below.)


Special Options

Wedding Rehearsal Sound Special Option

REHEARSAL ONLY. When you need the sound operator/system for the Rehearsal before the wedding. (normally a day or two before)  Great for practicing and peace of mind. Wedding Rehearsal Sound is your choice, but is not required for Wedding Ceremony Sound option above.  You CAN get Ceremony Sound without Rehearsal.

(Note: Wedding Rehearsal Sound is a Special Option in addition to the Great and Grand packages.)



Confetti Canon

Confetti Canon Shot

Add a shot of confetti with our Confetti Canon. Watch the excitement when the multi-colored confetti comes raining down!
(Don't forget to bring your broom, though! )

Stock Gobo

Circle of Hearts Stock GoboRings Stock GoboFlower Stock GoboCouple Dancing Stock Gobo

Add a Stock Gobo for something special on the wall or floor. Choose a Stock Gobo from many available including "Circle of Hearts", "Rings", "Flower", "Couple Dancing", and more.
Custom Gobo

Your Initials/Name in Light shining on a wall, floor, or dance floor. We'll bring the light to shine the gobo. Afterwards, you keep the custom gobo as a great keepsake of your wedding day.


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