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Mississippi DJ Services

Mississippi DJ Services is an award-winning family business that can handle all your needs for quality Music/DJ service, Lighting, Uplighting, Accent Lighting, Highlighting, Rustic options, and more, in a professional, friendly, and personal way, customized to your special event.

Known for our professionalism, innovation, creativity, caring nature, quality service, hard work, and niceness, each member of our generational family can perform multiple tasks, working together to provide you with the finest music service, lighting service, and more.

We can truly help in making your event the experience you desire it to be for both you and your guests.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit Cards, Cash App, and Venmo.

With more than 45 years wedding and event experience, more than 35 years producing event lighting, and more than 25 years designing and operating sound/music/audio systems, not to mention a music degree, we have the training and experience to help make your event all that you dream it will be.

Our award-winning state-of-the-art Great Sound system intelligently fills the room, not with muddy or muffled sound, but with clear, crisp, powerful Bose quality sound.

Our Great Dance Lighting system is fully controlled using wireless DMX technology with more than 200 programmed scenes. Of course our Great Dance Lighting system is just one of 4 "different look" dance floor lighting systems available. Our Uplighting / Rustic Uplighting systems can make the look of a room anything from fairy-tale to natural. Combined with our Accent Lighting / Rustic Accent Lighting and Highlighting options brings the ultimate, gorgeous, illuminated event of your dreams. Turn the lights out, and let your event Shine!  With our Stage Lighting system, we can even do (and have) fully controlled lighting for a stage, Stage Event, or even a Live Band.  We also have many more available Services.

Breathtaking Lighting from Mississippi DJ Services
Mississippi DJ Services is also known as Breathtaking Lighting. (breathtaking.lighting)
Sometimes at an event, Mississippi DJ Services is doing the lighting and other effects, but we are not doing the DJ/Music/Sound. You may see us with Breathtaking Lighting logos on our shirts instead of Mississippi DJ Services. When so, we did not hire the DJ or the band, and do not control what they do, although we do work with them at the event, running lighting to whatever music they play.
We do this quite often because of the
Breathtaking Packagesreathtaking aspect and popularity of all our lighting capabilities.

Already have a DJ or Music? You can still have other "Services" from Mississippi DJ Services including all of our different Lighting services, and more. Just click
No DJ/Music, or select one of our exclusive
Breathtaking Packagesreathtaking packages when doing your Instant Price Quote.

With our custom Online Client System, including our own Music Choice system, if you would like, you can personally select the music you would like played (or even not played) at your event. Other tools in our custom Online Client System will help you with planning and more, including organizing lots of information on weddings, birthdays, and more.

Check Our Availability and get an Instant Price Quote for your Wedding, Birthday, Corporate/Business Event, Live Event, and any other happening for which you need ... Great Sound!   Great Lighting!
Great Uplighting!   Great Pinspotting!

Visit our Full website here: msdjservices.com

What an experience your Great Event
will be with Mississippi DJ Services!

Mississippi DJ Services Mobile HomeInstant Price Quote
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