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Services Available

Great Sound - Great Music - DJ/MC ...
using our award-winning Bose sound systems, over 12,000 song files covering nearly all genres/types, including the Top 100 songs from every decade back to the 50's.

plus ... (available with or without DJ/Music/Sound service)

Great Dance Lighting - Fully Controlled lighting system for the dance floor, including romantic and classy look for your First Dance/Slow Dance lighting, and exciting dancing time lighting, for a wonderful Dancing Experience! Unlike others, our lights don't just turn on and off, but coordinate changing colors, moods, and looks to keep dancing time fresh throughout the night. The largest of our four exclusive "different look" dance floor lighting systems available. See more below.

Dance Beat Lighting - Dance floor lighting with a different Club Style beat driven look. Also the perfect system when space is limited.

Simple Dance Lighting - Simply colorful dance floor lighting.

Rustic Touch of Dance Lighting - A touch of lighting on the dance floor, mainly in rustic/earth tones, to keep with a rustic/barn natural feel, but still having a touch of dance lighting. Enhances dancing time to make it fun while keeping your desired atmosphere. Also includes our Death Star Ball for a swirling, rustic romantic First Dance at weddings, or special dance at other types of events.

Uplighting - Colored Up-Lighting around the room for beauty and elegance. Sets an amazing mood for a wonderful event with great atmosphere! (Our Uplights are the strongest/brightest around.)

Rustic Uplighting - Enhanced atmosphere for your barn or rustic reception. Select from Rustic colors Barnsteen, Natural, Rustic Candlelight, Parchment, Ivory, and Burnt Umber, or we'll carefully pick the appropriate color to match your reception/event venue/decor. Use the Rustic Accent Lighting Option down below to further enhance the overall atmosphere!

Accent Lighting - Accent Lighting enhances your event even more, and also keeps things visible, including lighting of the Cake on Weddings and Birthdays. Includes lighting of the buffet food tables, specialty food tables (sweets/fruit/cookies/etc...), and displays/display tables. Signage on some event types as well.

Rustic Accent Lighting - Enhance the rustic feel of your event, but still keep things visible. Rustic Accent Lighting lights up things typically on the periphery of the room such as food tables, cake tables, and specialty tables or displays.

Highlighting - Separate from Accent Lighting above. Pinspots to highlight Guest Tables or their centerpieces at your event, making them sparkle, and providing additional illumination when things may be too dark to see. You can also select to have Additional Pinspots to see Buffet Service Food when needed. (NOTE: Food Tables lit is included with Accent Lighting above.) Turn the lights out and let your event shine! Combine with the Uplighting and Accent Lighting options above for that full Bridal Magazine or Event Magazine look.

Stage Lighting - Lighting for a stage area (show/program/band/event/etc...), or lighting/accenting a head table or other area.

Wedding Ceremony Sound - Sound system/music and operator for a Wedding Ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Lighting - When you need additional light to light up a Wedding Ceremony. Select style from White/Off-White String Lighting for Outside or Uplighting for Inside. Also lighting on the Bride and Groom at the Preacher if they can't otherwise be seen. (like outside in the dark) (Wedding Party up front if requested in the dark as well)

Rehearsal Sound - When desired, our sound system/music and operator for your Wedding or Event Rehearsal. (Rehearsal Sound is a Special Option)

My Music Bingo!™ - When we're providing DJ/Music service for your event, you can print My Music Bingo!™ cards right on your computer... FREE! The fully automated system can even use your personally selected Play List of songs for the cards.

Spotlight - Short Throw Followspot w/operator.

Vertical Blasters - Add our Vertical Blasters for a grand and exciting entrance, or to enhance a band, show, presentation, program, or another special event/time. (Like 2 geysers erupting.)

Confetti Sprayer - Spray of confetti to infuse energy and excitement into any celebration. (bring your broom :))

Bubble Machine - Add bubbles to make your First Dance or Special Dance even more so.

Haze Bubbles Machine - Bubbles are translucent. Haze Bubbles are opaque (not see through), and release a gentle puff of fog when they burst. An amazing and original effect!

Fog Machine - Add our Fog Machine for a grand entrance, or to make your First Dance or Special Dance even more special.

Stock Gobo - Shines on a flat wall or white/light colored floor. (Wedding, Birthday, Holiday, Congratulations, etc...)

Custom Gobo - Customized Gobo shines your name, message, or even logo in light on a flat wall or white/light colored floor.

Remember that if you have your own DJ or Band, you can still have any Services above. Just click "No DJ/Music", or one of our Breathtaking Packagesreathtaking packages when doing your Instant Price Quote.

What an experience your Great Event
will be with Mississippi DJ Services!

Mississippi DJ Services Mobile HomeInstant Price Quote
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