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With more than 40 years of Professional experience, Mississippi DJ Services knows weddings. Start with our Wedding Reception Package, and then customize it with Options to make it the perfect fit for you, or choose the Great Wedding Package for an even better value, or the Grand Wedding SPECIAL Package for the ultimate in service and savings. Add additional hours or options/add-on's to any package as well.
Have your own DJ or Band? You can still have things that have made Mississippi DJ Services so popular and well known, including Lighting for dancing, Uplighting, Highlighting, and more. Just click "No DJ/Music" when doing your Instant Price Quote.

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Bright Idea! Plus get Mississippi DJ Services' exclusive "Pastor in a Pinch Insurance". If your wedding officiant doesn't make it, Brother Paul is also an Ordained Christian Minister and can step in to perform the ceremony in Mississippi.


Wedding Reception Package
Great Music for your Wedding Reception! Our Wedding Reception Package includes our Great Sound system and Great Music, for up to 2 hours*, with up to 2 Wireless Handheld Microphones available to you for introductions or toasts, plus DJ, setup, and break down. More hours can be added, as well as additional Options.

Great Wedding Package
Great Music and Great Sound, for up to 4 hours*, PLUS 2 Options* of your choice! (up to $350 Savings) Select Great Dance Lighting and Wedding Ceremony Sound, or maybe Uplighting and Accent Lighting, etc..., your choice. Choose ANY 2 from... Great Dance Lighting, Dance Beat Lighting, Simple Dance Lighting, Rustic Touch of Dance Lighting, Uplighting, Rustic Uplighting, Accent Lighting, Rustic Accent Lighting, Highlighting (10-20), Stage Lighting, Wedding Ceremony Sound, or Wedding Ceremony Lighting.

Grand Wedding SPECIAL Package
Great Music and Great Sound, for up to 6 hours*, PLUS 3 Options* of your choice!! (up to $650 Savings) Select Great Dance Lighting, Uplighting, and Accent Lighting, or maybe Great Dance Lighting, Uplighting, and Wedding Ceremony Sound, or maybe Rustic Touch of Dance Lighting, Rustic Uplighting, and Rustic Accent Lighting. Any combination... your choice. Choose ANY 3 from... Great Dance Lighting, Dance Beat Lighting, Simple Dance Lighting, Rustic Touch of Dance Lighting, Uplighting, Rustic Uplighting, Accent Lighting, Rustic Accent Lighting, Highlighting (10-20), Stage Lighting, Wedding Ceremony Sound, or Wedding Ceremony Lighting. You can even add more Options if you want!


Want our Lighting, Uplighting, or more but
already have your own DJ or Band?

No DJ/Music Package
Choose options below (including popular dance floor lighting, Uplighting, Highlighting and more) without having DJ/Music service or sound system provided by Mississippi DJ Services.

Breathtaking Reception Lightingreathtaking Reception Lighting Package
When you have your own DJ, Music, or even a Band, we can still help make your reception Breathtaking Reception Lightingreathtaking! ... Includes ...
Great Dance Lighting for a great Dancing Experience!
Uplighting around the reception room can be either colorful or rustic.
Accent Lighting including Pinspots on the Cakes and Food Service tables.
Breathtaking Reception Experiencereathtaking Reception Experience Package
Taking the Breathtaking package above to the penultimate Experience!
Great Dance Lighting for a great Dancing Experience!
Enhanced Uplighting with the ability for us to control and change the room instantly,
as well as uplighting spaces leading to the room.

Accent Lighting including Pinspots on the Cake, Food Service tables, and more.
Highlighting with up to 30 Pinspots for guest tables/centerpieces
to truly complete an amazing, full Bridal Magazine look.

Stage Lighting as needed for a stage, stage area, or head table area.
... for your complete Breathtaking Reception Lightingreathtaking Experience!

*More hours and Options can be added to any package.
Special Options are in addition to Great and Grand Wedding packages.


Great Dance Lighting Option
Great Lighting!

Our Fully Controlled "Light Show" lighting system for the dance floor, including a romantic and classy look for your First Dance, and exciting dancing time lighting. One of our four exclusive "different look" dance floor lighting systems available. See more below.
Dance Beat Lighting Option

Dance Beat Lighting

Dance floor lighting with a "Club Style" beat oriented look
that is controlled by the Beat of the Music. Dance Beat Lighting also fits nearly any size venue/space.
Simple Dance Lighting Option
Simple Dance Lighting

Dance floor lighting with a simply colorful look.
LED lights create multiple changing colors for a fun dancing time.

Rustic Touch of Dance Lighting Option
Rustic Touch of Dance Lighting

A touch of lighting on the dance floor, mainly in rustic/earth tones,
to keep with a rustic/barn natural feel, but still having a touch of dance lighting. Enhances dancing time to make it fun while keeping your desired atmosphere. Also includes our Death Star Ball for a swirling, rustic romantic First Dance.

Uplighting Option


Click Here to see Uplighting pictures from real weddings

Creating a very beautiful atmosphere for weddings. Colored up-lighting (our Uplights are the strongest/brightest around) sprinkled about the reception walls. (Choose Ceremony Lighting to have them at the Ceremony) Uplighting makes a beautiful room even more so, and elegant as well.

Bright Idea! Combine our Uplighting, Accent Lighting, and Highlighting Options to have the look you see in Bridal Magazines! It takes guests' breath away!!
It also gives additional illumination in dark rooms, or outdoors at night. You can turn the lights out and let your wedding shine!
Rustic Uplighting Option

Rustic Uplighting

Enhanced atmosphere for your barn or rustic reception. Select from Rustic colors Barnsteen, Natural, Rustic Candlelight, Parchment, Ivory, and Burnt Umber, or we'll carefully pick the appropriate color to match your reception venue/decor. Use the Rustic Accent Lighting Option down below to further enhance the overall atmosphere!
Accent Lighting Option

Accent Lighting Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting enhances your reception even more, and also keeps things visible. Includes Lighting the Wedding Cake! Also used to light up the buffet food tables, specialty food tables (sweets/fruit/cookies/etc...), and displays/display tables.
Rustic Accent Lighting Option

Rustic Accent Lighting Rustic Accent Lighting

Enhance the rustic feel of your reception, but still keep things visible. Rustic Accent Lighting lights up things like the Wedding Cake, buffet food tables, specialty food tables (sweets/fruit/cookies/etc...),
and displays/display tables.

Highlighting Option

Highlighting Highlighting

Highlighting Highlighting Highlighting

Add Sparkle and Illumination... Also finishes that Bridal Magazine look. Highlighting uses lights, primarily Pinspot type lights, to shine on or "highlight" Guest Tables or their centerpieces at the reception, making them sparkle, and providing additional illumination when things may be too dark to see, either because you want the house lights in the reception turned out for wonderful atmosphere, or when the reception just doesn't have enough light, like outdoors in the dark. You can also select to have Additional Pinspots to see Buffet Service Food when needed. (NOTE: The Food Tables lit is included in Accent Lighting above.) ("Check to Add Pinspots for Food Tables" when doing an Instant Price Quote to be included also.)
Stage Lighting Option

Stage Lighting

Extra lighting to light up a stage or special area. (like the head table/area) Be Seen! Includes both lights on the stage and background lights as needed as well. Anytime extra light is needed on that special area. Great indoors & outdoors after sundown.

Spotlight (Followspot) also optionally available.
(Just check Spotlight when doing your Instant Price Quote.)

Wedding Ceremony Sound Option

Sound System/Music for the Wedding Ceremony also, including our Great Sound system, up to 3 Wireless Microphones for preacher/singers, Prelude/Ceremony Music when needed, and sound operator.
(Rehearsal Not Included, and not required.  If desired, choose
Wedding Rehearsal Sound Special Option below.)

Wedding Ceremony Lighting Option

Wedding Ceremony Lighting Wedding Ceremony Lighting

Lighting to enhance the Ceremony. Uplighting for the Ceremony area. May also include lighting on the Bride and Groom at the Preacher if needed to see them. This gives any Ceremony an enhanced look, and may even be needed in a very dark room or for an outside Ceremony at night. (Check the time of year when your wedding is scheduled to take place.)


Special Options

Wedding Rehearsal Sound Special Option

REHEARSAL ONLY. When you need our sound operator/system for the Rehearsal before the wedding. (normally a day or two before)  Great for practicing and peace of mind. Wedding Rehearsal Sound is your choice, but is not required for Wedding Ceremony Sound option above.  You CAN get Ceremony Sound without Rehearsal.

(Note: Wedding Rehearsal Sound is a Special Option in addition to the Great and Grand packages.)



Vertical Blasters

Vertical Blasters

Add our Vertical Blasters for a grand and exciting entrance, or to enhance another special time. (They're like 2 geysers erupting.)
Confetti Sprayer

Confetti Sprayer

Add a spray of confetti with our Confetti Sprayer. Watch the excitement when the multi-colored confetti comes raining down!
(Don't forget to bring your broom, though! )

Bubble Machine
Add bubbles to make your First Dance even more special.
Haze Bubbles Machine
Bubbles are translucent. Haze Bubbles are opaque (not see through), and release a gentle puff of fog when they burst.
An amazing and original effect!

Fog Machine
Add our Fog Machine for a special entrance, or to make your First Dance even more special. No, it's not low hanging fog, but with our special quick dissipating fog, it makes things special and yet the bride and groom can still be seen dancing.


Stock Gobo

Circle of Hearts Stock GoboRings Stock GoboFlower Stock GoboCouple Dancing Stock Gobo

Add a Stock Gobo for something special on the wall or floor. Choose a Stock Gobo from many available including "Circle of Hearts", "Rings", "Flower", "Couple Dancing", and more.
Custom Gobo

Your Initials/Name in Light shining on a wall, floor, or dance floor. We'll bring the light to shine the gobo.


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